URGENT: Crush the false narrative – DELTA VARIANT

Fellow Patriots, how many dangerous viruses have you heard about in your life?

AIDS, Swine Flu, H1N1, H1N5, Measles, Mumps, etc….

Has the Mainstream Media ever said “beware of the DELTA VARIANT”?

Are the normal COVID-19 tests are being recalled because they FAIL most of the time?

So what test kits are they using to detect the DELTA VARIANT???

If they can’t test for it, how are they counting ‘infected’ numbers?


Find out who all the local town, city and state newspapers are… then get their [email protected]… then pose this question to them…

“How is our State Health authority reporting on a DELTA VARIANT when there are NO tests for the DELTA VARIANT?  Without any facts, wouldn’t you think they are perpetrating fraud?  What if they continued to make up numbers for whatever reason, what if they personally benefit from another lockdown?  Please get them to give you EVIDENCE that independent doctors can see otherwise aren’t they committing a crime?”

REBUTTAL TO IDIOTS: (Amazon wins during a lockdown, billions more in deliveries vs your local small business, so yes, someone can benefit from another lockdown.  Drug companies benefit from a lockdown to push current and future emergency COVID vaccine booster shots)

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