In the late 1800’s, our namesake, Ingersoll Lockwood, delivered futuristic and visionary content, over a century ahead of his time.  Rumor has it, that he passed on this knowledge to S. G. Samuels (Sr.), who shared “The Great Awakening” plan also known as the “Plan for the Patriotic American Century” with Steven G. Samuels (Jr.), followed by our entire team, who continue to carry on this tradition, today.  Our mission is to build a brighter future for humanity, starting with the resurgence of American exceptionalism and strong defense of constitutional rights.

Our Namesake

Our Mission

We leverage what our founder called ‘future vision’ where we deliver solutions based on Trade Secret Predictive Intelligence Team/Technology (TSPI), a mix of futurist inventions, artificial intelligence and machine learning, all used for the good of humanity.  We communicate publicly on our own Open Source Intelligence Platforms (OSINT) as trusted Media Sources (CDMG, CSMG, TTN, more to come…).  We unleash New Technology Safeguards to Defend Humanity from novel Threats (NTSD) and to Accelerate the Great Awakening (NTAGA).  We market our solutions first, on our own Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Media Platforms, then on strategic mainstream media (MSM) platforms.

We Profit…

  • Invent, Fund, License, Develop and Sell (IFLDS)

We Reinvest… (and donate to U.S.A. 501-c(3) causes)

  • Government, Commercial, International
  • Focus on Making America Truly Awesome Again

Management Team

Ingersoll Lockwood’s staff includes a unique mix of entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors. While our team represents a diverse array of backgrounds, its members share similar traits – deep knowledge of their chosen fields, strategic vision, and a dedication our core mission: delivering solutions that address the critical technology needs of the national security community.  First and foremost, our founder required that what we do Must Deliver American Exceptionalism and Must be Made in America with Pride.

Board of Directors

Steven G. Samuels, US DHS (founding member), Chairman

James Gorman, US Navy (retired), Vice Chairman

James Hess, US Army (retired) , Director

James Henderson, DoD Consultant (active), Director

Timothy J. Goulden, US Army (retired), Director

Paul Hemphill, US Army (retired), Director

Al Fulchino, US Patriot, Director

Olivier Vallez, Esq., Secretary of the Board, Director




All Products and Services we invest in and support must be Made in America, with Pride.

US Government agencies and their contractors may reach out to us anytime at [email protected] .

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