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Prior Writings of Ingersoll Lockwood

Upcoming Unreleased Manuscripts

  • Blood Thirsty Monsters, Or, Beastly Bedtime Stories
  • 2024, Or, The First President of New America
  • Secrets of the Loquacious Luciferins
  • Travails of Time Travelers in Twenty Thirty

History Repeats Itself.  Repeat Has Begun.

Other Recommended Readings

Ongoing Research Reading Recommendations

“Safe Clean Nuclear Energy”

“GMOs and Glyphosates in the Rear View Mirror”

“Does Interstellar Space Travel Start With Anti-gravity Travel, Here on Earth?”

Does Infinite “FREE” energy exist to be harnessed for the benefit of all humanity?  Is Nikola Tesla’s “aether” theory just simply the Ionosphere, which HAARP taps into?  How about Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone energy theory?  What would happen if you combined their knowledge?

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