Our team’s expertise spans decades, technologies and markets.  Our internal proprietary techniques and technologies including leveraging A.I. and M.L. modeling for the good of humanity, help us to fund and develop products and solutions that are literally ‘light years’ ahead of the competition and other Nation states.

We develop a framework — what we call a technology architecture — that provides a system level view of the various capabilities necessary to help solve a partner’s problem. Using this architecture, we are able to find and invest in companies that provide technology capabilities to address these problems.

Ingersoll Lockwood’s focus is on these ten key areas, with a long-term business plan:

  1. Life – Defend & Extend.
  2. Land – Carbon Negative Technology.
  3. Water – Clean H2O Technology.
  4. Air – Reverse Pollution, Speed Travel, Defend Against Unclean Air.
  5. Fuel – Clean and Nearly Limitless.  Solar is just the beginning.
  6. Space – Unleash Next Gen Technology – Faster, More Efficient.
  7. Computing – Cyber Security and Cyber Defense.
  8. Communication – Secure Communications.
  9. Education – Threat Defense Training.
  10. Entertainment – Wholesome, using 1-9 (above).

Companies we’ve incubated or supported, now spun out:  AED to help protect teens from cyberbullying, CCS to help on global carbon negative projects, CDMG to deliver infosec news and information, and more currently under way.

All Products and Services we invest in, and support are Made in America, with Pride.

US Government agencies and their contractors may reach out to us anytime at [email protected] .

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