Tick-Tock: The Sleeper Must Awaken: 2030 in the LookingGlass

How do you get to Wonderland, over the hill or under land?

At my age, my looking glasses are getting slightly foggy but I have seen that, in regards to 2030… in one fractured timeline, that while the Great Awakening happens in 2022, the few remaining luciferese controlling, lucifarian globalists look to the Red Dragon one more time for the ultimate gain of function and gain of control something far worse than SPARS25…this is a moment where they believe they can turn planet earth into a paradise for themselves and their programmed minions.

Higher thought functions of the surviving 500,000,000 are controlled by yet another vile vaccination, this time it defends these selected few of the remaining 1.7 Billion in the Global Collapse of 2030. This survivor selection is done through artificial intelligence whereby they are made and in the 10th booster administered since the first booster of 2021, a total of 13 mRNA vaccinations, the 7G towers used to control the population trigger the embedded code. A New World Order has arrived.

The sky is clear and beautiful, I’ve never seen so much wild life since the late 1800’s, it feels like a Utopia, but there is not a single free soul except the small number of remaining Elite, who, with the help of various letters of the Alphabet and surrounding a Blackrock, protected by their Vanguard in their town of Moderna I smelled an elongated musk, as I passed the gates in this metaverse, they seemed to be attempting their second life extension.

The first, through COVFEFE, could only last so long so they turned to a complete mapping of their neurons and ganglions into quantum computers. While they remain soul-less beings, they operate on the lowest vibration frequency, constantly self-examining their state of mind. The first mentally ill artificial intelligence has arrived and they begin battling amongst themselves for control.

The glassy soul-less eyes of the human bots seemed to completely ignore me as if I was not there. One must not spend too much time in this fractured timeline, for humanity is truly dead.

But there is hope. I rubbed my looking glasses with my handkerchief and returned home. It’s hard to hold emotions back from such a sad lot. We must not let this be our future. As I prayed, I realized that our Creator did not put us here for this kind of future.

What I realized, Alice, is that we must return to the real Wonderland – its our Land, WE THE PEOPLE.

Our current Great Awakening requires higher-vibration, higher-frequency interference and a rediscovery of our TRUE history. It appears that, with enough effort, self-reflection, brotherly love and constant prayers, this alternate reality is defeated. TRUTH and JUSTICE will prevail.

I’m exhausted from my journey and will share much more, very soon, as we are still running out of time… Tick tock. Time is short. Time is the fire in which we burn. Humanity rests in the hands of the awakened, the sleeper MUST AWAKEN!


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