DECLAS: Turning Tesla’s Dream of Free Energy into a Weapon – In this case, Directed inward, at America, for greed and profit…

We’re as Conservative as they come.  We’re as Patriotic as they come.  Our funding of Carbon Capture Shield is most likely the opposite of what you think it is.  It’s sad so many of you are this close to being completely outside of the matrix and yet, you miss it, because of fossil fuel brainwashing.  Yes, big cars, big boats, big planes and so much more – fun fun fun.  However, climate crisis is real –  but it’s not what you think it is.  Forget about the New Green Deal and dumbed down socialist puppets like Greta and AOC – consider them way below your pay-grade.

Forget about how Globalists are creating Carbon treaties and Carbon tax as a new way to control you and steal what little wealth you have left, laboring day after day in your minute mobius strip of time.

Imagine you were traveling back in time, from a future date and were trying to explain THE REAL REALITY to folks who have so many misconceptions it was like talking to your 2 year old to explain why sticking a metal fork in the 110v outlet is not a smart move.  Because of Monsanto, by 2030, all the Bees on planet Earth are gone.  Organic and Natural farming is over.  If you think Bill Gates pink slime burgers are a fad, they will be your future staple, if you survive, and if you don’t wake up and make some changes, immediately.

But I digress.  Let me take you back from 2007 to 2010.  Here are some documents you should look at:

Is The New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming To Life?

Now let me tell you a story about High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).  This is one of the US Government’s most powerful weapons.  It can be used to control the weather.  Nikola Tesla invented it as a means of transporting energy from one point on the earth to another point far away using what he called “Ether”.  In reality, this microwave array aims potentially millions of watts of high energy microwaves at the upper atmosphere, which causes a rubber band like effect in the ionosphere, whereby billions of watts of high energy ‘snap back’ down towards the earth at an equal and opposite angle.  If you wish to boil water underground and cause an earthquake, you need to test HAARP through triangulation by aiming it at three equidistant points.   Then, you are ready to aim dead center at your target.  Some of the effects of this level of radiation are:

  • weaken the ionosphere – the Creator, after much prayer, will cause a solar flare to encompass the earth – recharging the ionosphere because without it, we are all toast from gamma rays and x-rays.  check the historic news cycle on this and you’ll see that right now – the FUTURE proves the PAST.
  • glowing ‘clouds in the sky’ like these, when HAARP was used to attack China’s underground nuclear facility: and citizens in China noticed water flowing ‘uphill’ during this beautiful array of wonderful colors in the sky.
  • birds falling out of the sky, cooked from the inside-out.
  • fish floating in rivers, cooked from the inside-out.
  • high pressure zones – can be used to steer hurricanes, create hurricanes and dissipate hurricanes, tornadoes and storms.

…and so much more.

Your homework:

  • Why was Hillary Clinton invited to join the Board of Monsanto?
  • Why did Barack Obama aka Barry Soetero, the Kenyan Muslim illegal manchurian president (Soros Puppet), pass HR 933, the Monsanto Protection Act?
  • Why did FEMA and 3 states (triangulate) pre-plan for 7 million MRE’s to be delivered to farmers and citizens in the New Madrid Fault Zone for an upcoming exercise of a massive flooding in this area?
  • What happened to all the farmers and their land?  Who bought it?  What kind of crops are there now and who owns them?
  • What Air Force General ordered the HAARP strike on US Soil [TREASON for GREED] and where is his bank account?  Who filled it and why?
  • How deep is the swamp?  If this is only one example of the lengths at which these (sick) people will go, now do you understand, Patriots, what we are up against in 2021?

For each area in our 200+ year plan, we already know the outcome IF there is no dramatic change to the timeline BUT it still requires one variable – YOUR FREE WILL to help make it happen.

There are a certain number of totally awake Patriots we need to make everything we are doing ‘go viral’ or the future will be one in which population will be at 500 million or less, with no more than the Georgia Guidestones disclose in a soylent green distopian world, operated by the Elite luciferins merged with AI.  Completely Soul-less.  A bleak future ahead.

Re-read our ten goals, look at what we’ve begun funding and think how you might be able to help.  It’s time to take the metal fork out of the socket, your baby hair is standing straight up.  Enough juice for now.

Re-consider Carbon Capture Shield from a new perspective.  We love carbon too.  We must end Monsanto and save the Bees.  Otherwise, the Planet’s food supply will be completely synthetic.

Do your part to save the Bee’s – consider it life and death for humanity.  This is absolutely a message from one Future timeline you do not want to live to see – so CHANGE IT.

In the immediate future – look to Iowa.  Support Q+

He NEVER quite.  He works tirelessly every day.  He’s still your POTUS.  And the Best is Yet to Come.

These people are STUPID.  Luckily, the NSA and MIL INTEL are on your side.  We will disclose more.  When you are ready.

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