Testing, Testing 1…2…3

HEADLINE: Bill Gates and George Soros buy out UK Covid test company Mologic | Business | The Times

What if you were Bill Gates and you believed in EUGENICS?

Papa Gates founds and chairs PLANNED PARENTHOOD?

Family loved and supported HITLER?

Does Bill believe the world is overpopulated by Carbon feeders and we ‘need to get this down to zero’?

Invests in big Pharma, secretly leads WHO and has no proper skills or training as a medical doctor?


CDC’s failed coronavirus tests were tainted with coronavirus, feds confirm

Coronavirus tests bound for UK become contaminated with coronavirus

How is this possible?  How often did this happen?  Will this happen every time under funding by Bill Gates?

Stick this contaminated cotton swap ‘test’ kit way up your nose, to the brain-blood-barrier of your sinuses…fester and grow and what do you know?

Are you now a COVID-19 Petri dish…congratulations?

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