S.G.S.sr – Notebook

Lemon juice on this sheet of paper and a warm gas lantern…

“Steven, my boy, remember this – when they attack your blood, they attack your soul.  What helps protect and manage your blood?  Well, son, your liver breaks down harmful substances in your body, then, excreting that waste into your blood.  Now remember this – your kidneys cleanse your blood of that waste, and your heart pumps your blood throughout your body.  While the native Americans have taught us much, it is the rich and powerful Luciferins that will do all they can to trick the next few generations into believing these good thingsnatural remedies – are weeds and poisonous and to be destroyed, not treasured.  It’s all about weakening your soul.  If they can weaken your blood, they can weaken your soul.  Always remember this…”  SGS Sr. Note #13865

Nature is inspiring, is it not?  You were told by this company, Monsanto, that these are weeds to destroy

Monsanto is owned by which [Fourth Reich] company?  Who has patented Kidney, Liver and Heart Medicine?  The Sleeper Must Awaken.

Winds in the east, there’s a mist coming in, like something is brewin’ and ’bout to begin. What is that something?….

BONUS ROUND:  What is the address of the (and what color is) the house of the main characters in Mary Poppins?  What starts blooming near the house?  They almost lost the house because?  Yet at the end, the reclaimed it, after already moving out all of their belongings?  Hmmm so many Questions

“Young Lad, Humanity will be on the verge of failure – a Great Reset – by the time your grandson is ready.  When faced with such a profound challenge, We The People vs Secret Trillionaires and Billionaires Luciferins, the key is focus – maser beam focus,” I.L. Note# 63235

SGS jr. thoughts for the day…

“Do you think it will be a random act that Warren Wilhelm Jr. forces the MMR5 vaccine onto the highly religious Jewish population? Jews who would never willingly inject themselves with fetal tissue, pig extracts or horse AIDs (some of the ingredients) – violating more than one commandment including protecting their soul, their blood and avoiding unkosher ingredients?  This is a SOULFUL spiritual battle the likes of which HUMANITY has never before seen, at this level.

If all Patriots, legally and ethically, put all their energies into exposing this Mayor, his health care board connections, his numerous violations of the US Constitution, through all legal means necessary, just this one evil minion, a servant of Satan, which leads to his personal responsibility, loss of his job, CIVIL RIGHTS violations exposed, potential CRIMINAL jail time – if we all come together as ‘ONE’ on this one project, could this simple endeavor save ALL of HUMANITY?  This is maser beam focus.  Aimed right, now, at the right target and we turn the tides for ALL of HUMANITY.”

EXAMPLE: Restaurants sue NYC’s de Blasio for indoor dining vaccination mandate (cnbc.com)

Once this Mayor is neutralized, we can easily mobilize and repeat the effort, creating a force multiplying WAVE for FREEDOM in America.  Ingersoll wrote about The Last President coming from NYC.  We must take back NYC first.

Well Written Truthful Document:

Nazi-like Propaganda Response by the Mayor’s team:

“Steven, young lad, the Iron Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, was as tough as nails and in my reports to President Lincoln, I was able to gather that he was running the Prussian empire by way of a powerful and manipulative mind. Noting, however, he did show mild respect for our young Nation. When dining with him, proper etiquette requires one must “clean their plate”. Platters of Schweinshaxe, Schweinebraten und Kohl, Sauerbraten, schnitzel including variants such as Wienerschnitzel, Jagerschnitzel, and Zigeunerschnitzel caused me to experience great heartburn and chestpain, which one could not express – a forced smile and powerful handshake, I thanked him for a wonderful meal and retired for the evening. His wife Johanna von Puttkamer could sense my discomfort and offered me a unique and most interesting tea made of white pine needles. In finishing my first cup of this potent concoction, i felt a slight euphoria and retired for the evening. Since drinking only one cup of her tea concoction, my heart never felt better. P.S. Strange how much Warren Wilhelm Jr. ends up looking like these two, but I digress, as he has not been born yet…” – I.L. Note #4241895

“Before traveling onward, I remember seeing, on a cold February morning, 1918, the curious camphor bags being strung around children’s necks to protect them from the insidious Spanish Flu.  Of which to take notice, Steven, many years later you will find our own US government outlaw the practice.  One can only ponder as to why,” I.L. Note #6270224



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