It’s time to wake up.

“Catch me a fish and I eat for a day – Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.”

Is this website a LARP (Live Action Roll Play)?  No. This is not a game.  We have multiple companies we are funding and seeking Patriot support.

Are you with the CIA? No.

What is your mission?  Find it on our website but understand this – we are fighting the Great Reset every single day and so should you.  The Great Awakening must no longer be delayed or humanity is lost.

What’s this count-down all about?  It’s a surprise.  Could be a great day for Patriots if we all make it so… Sept 17 is very important in American history.  History needs to repeat or there is no America and the US Constitution is just a historic document destroyed by global forces of evil and their corrupt, weak, sick and evil minions thriving on apparent power, stolen from WE THE PEOPLE.  They are few.  We are many.

Why are you linking to sites that ask for donations?  If you are a true Patriot, you will understand and decide to open a vessel of charity/justice.  It’s your choice.

Is the Ingersoll Lockwood team real Patriots? Yes.

Are you the “Qanon”?  No we are not the “Qanon” but we do support the US Constitution and are helping on various Constitutional issues.

Is this Outside Comms because Q told me not to listen to Outside Comms?  Really?  Check again.  This is Patriot Comms.  Do your homework and some research when you find easter eggs.  Dig very deeply.

I heard from an Anon that your American Health Defenders is a ploy to make money like an Alex Jones vitamin shop, right?  Have you actually joined the site, downloaded the documents (after reading our disclaimer) and visited EVERY link we provide?  We can’t win if Patriots are lazy or sleeping at the wheel.  We save lives, we get blessed.  That’s our return on investment.  Pickup your bible and read: G9:4, L17:10 L17:14 D12:23, A15:28-15:29.  Why did most governments block Potus 45’s recommendation of the BLOOD protection from mother nature – Quinine and Zinc?  Why do most COVID-19 deaths show no Vitamin D in the blood stream?

Why do some Anons call you a LARP?  Because they are small minded, closed hearted, jealous and angry individuals who need an awakening moment and/or therapy and definitely more sunshine.  Best to leave mom’s basement and learn how to Sun Eat.  Your homework:  What is SUN EATING (also known as sun-gazing)? (hint…but much more…photons from the sun traveling through your optic nerves recharging your entire being).  Have you tried?  Until then, you are not awakened. [legal disclaimer: we are not recommending you take any action to SUN EAT – we are not responsible if you go blind – that would be a very stupid act on your part – this is not medical advice – don’t try this at home – do some real research]

But you’re renting your office space, why don’t you own the entire building at 1717?  Maybe we will, one day.  Does this really matter in the greater scheme of things?

I heard that Lin Wood is Ingersoll Lockwood, right?  Wrong.  But he is a Patriot.  Best test – when the darkness attempts to destroy a person – you will see his true intentions.

Is JFK Jr. Alive?  17 says no, RFK Jr. hints subtly otherwise. There is a high probability according to RFK Jr. and others but only time will tell and only if/when he reveals himself?  If he isn’t, you already know who killed him, don’t you?

Is time travel possible?  Do your own research, you decide.  The Nazi bell  – Die Glocke – was a failure and test subjects died horribly.  The Philadelphia Experiment shows that humanity is not quite ready.

Are there flying saucers?  Try from the 1940’s…made in Nazi Germany with pride.

Enough for today.

Where is my soul, I heard it’s in the pineal gland?  No, it resides throughout your blood stream.  That’s why all globalist attacks lately (heroin, fentanyl, COVID-19, vaccines) all attack your blood. Your pineal gland is your antenna (receiver/transmitter) to the Almighty.  Iodine – helps IQ go up/transmission charge up/improve comms, Flouride – IQ down/transmission charge down/weaken the transmissions.  When is the last time you had a vivid dream?  Why aren’t you dreaming in color?  Why can’t you predict even a tiny bit of our collective future?  The timeline is already written.  Or is it?  Don’t we have free will to defeat the Great Reset, the 6uild 6ack 6etter agenda?


Do you want to be a powerful – undefeatable Patriot?  Question all narratives.  More homework.  Jesus of Nazarith?  Wrong.  Jesus of Bethlehem.  What does Nazarith really mean?  It’s not a place.  It’s a promise made to the Creator.  Jesus, like Moses, like Samson was a Nazer.  So when you hear Jesus of Nazarith what they really mean to say is Jesus the Nazer.  What does this mean?  For some the oath is a lifetime, for others it’s a year. You may not be THE Son of God but you could be A Son of God or a Daughter of God .  Figure this one out, it may lead you to greatness.


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