Official John McAfee News

Remembering John McAfee on his birthday, September 18, 2021.

Don’t believe everything on this Wikipedia page but its about 80% correct: John McAfee – Wikipedia


John McAfee gave us permission to build a Cyber Academy – a training institute, in his name. 

While he was alive, he offered to help review and promote the content and help with the marketing.

We began the initiative, have the classes ready and then to our surprise, when we thought he would be returning to the US, John passed on (most likely NOT from suicide).  This has put a kink in our plans as we need Janice’s approval of this project (with revenue sharing to her and John’s family), and while normally readily available, for months, she has been silent, with our outreach to her unanswered.

Once we ink the final agreement with Janice, if she supports one of John’s last business agreements, the site will go through a major overhaul to include tributes and legacy materials to John’s memory.

Right now, it can only be a static page until we hear from Janice.

R.I.P. Our Friend, John McAfee

P.S.  You can learn from Libertarian John McAfee of Blessed Memory – Be Yourself, Turn off the TV, Turn on your Brain, Try to Change The World in even the smallest way, for the Better.  As we say at Ingersoll Lockwood, THIS IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT.

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