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“Climate change is a progressive agenda…” statement by an alleged ‘red pilled’ conservative.  Is stopping Monsanto glyphosate and GMO production a good thing or a bad thing?  Do you realize that glyphosates are killing the global Bee population.  No Bees, no food supply.  Do some research for humanity’s sake…

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If we could replace glyphosates with a long-kept secret from mother nature?  Recapturing 3x carbon into the soil means the plants could grow 3x faster and even bigger.   Less land needed for cattle to graze.  Terraforming back to a stable state and destroying globalist funded GMOs and toxic pesticide businesses at the same time.  Who could say no to this?  Join us today!

“Steven, follow the misadventures of the twelve spies… שְׁנֵים עָשָׂר הַמְרַגְּלִים …research what they discovered, when it comes to farming and produce” – I.L.

Your Homework:

The answer:  Carbon Capture Shield, Inc.*


*with initial funding and support from Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. and the Tesla Science Institute.

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