Let’s End this Conspiracy and Focus…

Folks, please don’t bring FLAT EARTH conversations (a funded Clowns In America psyop) to Ingersoll Lockwood related (unofficial chat forums using our (R) trademark name without permission) – it harms our mission.

It detracts from reality and our Space Force activities.

I have traveled the globe to almost 25% of all nations.

Example flight to Beijing from BOS, nearly due North over the north pole, could see the Arora Borealis, return flight nearly due East (slight northeast arc) over Seattle to Boston.  A window seat, a compass, a GPS.  What more do you need for proof.  The average flat earther has never traveled around the globe, nor do they have one of these:

The Clowns psyop was to see how many people would be easily fooled in America with a ‘fake news’ story planted on social media. In the first year, it was over 380,000 who took it seriously and it continues to grow and spread worldwide beyond their [useful data for Project Bluebeam?] wildest dreams. There are secrets to unfold about Earth’s true history and the moon…but that will be disclosed when the Great Awakening defeats the Great Reset as nothing else really matters right now.


P.S. Speaking of the moon.  Jews pray to God thanking the Creator for a NEW moon, every month, and track months using a Lunar calendar, as it creates the tides which promotes life on our fragile world – ie a giver of life, gift from God, has returned and not failed us.  This ‘satellite’ orbits our oval shaped planet, in the perfect location, literally, perfect.  Satanic Luciferins use the eve of a FULL moon to commit horrific Evil…note this is diametrically opposed to the Jewish ritual – one that Jesus also performed each month.  Remember this and dig into their calendar for a hint of what is coming our way…

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